Monday, June 27, 2011

Such A Big Girl!

I know this post won't interest everyone, but since I'm convinced family is the majority of our blog readers, I'm posting this for you.

Our sweet little baby is a big girl now. She was trying to stab her macaroni with her Popsicle stick tonight so I gave her a fork instead just to see what she would do. In true Morgan form, she used it correctly as if she'd been using it her whole life. Here's my first attempt at posting a video. I hope it works.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Royal Celebration

We were able to celebrate Morgan's birthday on the day she actually turned one, May 7. Many family members and friends came to take part in the "Royal Celebration." Here are some pictures from that day with very little commentary from me.


The after-breakfast photo shoot:

Lunch= almost party time!

The decor:

The cakes:

The food:

The princesses: :)

The favors:


The grandparents:

The guests:
Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of all the people at the party, but in my defense, I wasn't the one taking the pictures. :)

The fun:

Opening the gifts:

Smashing the cake:
Yes, you see a beautiful smash cake for her to use in the pictures above, but I had my mind set that I wanted professional smash cake pictures taken of her so we decided to save that one and use another one I had for her party.

It was past nap time and the only person who could make our little princess happy was Princess Anna Kate so sweet AK entertained Morgan while we got the cake ready. Thanks AK!

The only family picture from the day

Blowing out the candle

Yes, she touched EVERY SINGLE dot on the cake before she took a "bite".

Sweet girl shared her cake

Messy baby

All of her birthday gifts:

Bye bye:

Thank you to everyone who helped make our little girl's first birthday so special!