Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living Up To Her Initials (MES)

I was super excited last week thinking that I would be able to share pictures of Morgan with everyone since we were having our 4-D ultrasound. Sadly, she did not cooperate for that ultrasound. She was folded in half, facing my spine, kissing her knees. What a little stinker! The lady doing the ultrasound told us that she was in the worst possible position to get pictures and since Morgan refused to move, she suggested that we come back next week to try again.

Well, today was "next week" so we went back in for try number two. She has really grown this week and I felt her move a lot so I was very optimistic. Our little obstinate angel decided that, once again, she did not want to cooperate with us! The lady said that she has never had a baby give her this much trouble. She absolutely refused to turn her head and she was in the same position she was in last time. I FIRMLY believe that my mother had a special conversation with God when it came time to choose our baby and she picked out the most strong-willed little girl she could find. Just a little pay back, right mom?!
I'm attaching a few of the better pictures for your viewing pleasure.