Sunday, January 29, 2012


Our little MES was So.Much.Fun during Thanksgiving! This little bundle of energy kept us going and we loved every minute of it! We were out of school the day before Thanksgiving so we took advantage of some outside play time in our finest turkey wear! :)

This was the costume she made at school on Monday. Her very first paper bag vest, how sweet!

Tuesday she was to come dressed as either a pilgrim or an Indian for their school celebration. We, of course, chose to be an Indian. With this wild child, could you expect anything different?
I was proud of the joint effort Steve and I put into her costume. We recycled the feather from her school costume, used a headband we already had, and used a belt from a costume I had from my days as a fourth grade teacher. See, being a teacher does have certain perks!

Thanksgiving morning I woke up not feeling very well, but I decided it was most likely just anticipation of the day ahead so we all got ready, cooked our green bean casserole, and headed out to Montgomery. We paused for a quick family photo before loading into the car. We were dressed to take family pictures for the Christmas card, but long story short, that didn't happen.

My sweet girl and me

Our first stop was at E's house where we got to play with the great Anna Kate! She and Morgan always have a wonderful time playing together when given the chance.

Our next visit was to my grandmother's house. This has been our family tradition since before I can remember and we always look forward to our annual catch-up with everyone.

Poppa with his grand-babies, Morgan and Addyson

Ditty and Morgan

Ditty and her great-grand-babies, Emily, Addyson, and Morgan

After this photo was taken, the stomach bug hit me in full force and I did not get another picture the rest of the day. We went to Greenville to celebrate with Steve's family. From my exiled room it sounded like everyone was having a wonderful time as always. Do you know how miserable it is to be unable to eat on a holiday that is centered around food?! I felt even worse that I was unable to socialize with anyone all day. I'm already looking forward to next year when hopefully we'll all be well.