Thursday, June 19, 2014

You're Gonna Miss This

If there was an award given for worst blogger, I think I'd win it. I have composed so many posts in my head, yet somehow they never end up actually getting typed. The beginning of the school year is extremely hectic and little MES is SO. MUCH. FUN. right now that I just haven't taken the time to sit down and type anything. Tonight, however, the grade entering, email responding, and paper grading have been pushed aside long enough to at least write this post. This is something I've been composing in my head for quite some time so it's well overdue!

Each stage of Morgan's life so far I've found myself thinking, "It just can't get any better than this!" and when the next stage comes, it's even more fun than the last one. There are the simple things she does that I find myself thinking, "Man, I'm going to miss it when you stop doing that!"

Here's a list of some of those things:
The sound of her little shoes as she "marches" across the floor.
The way she climbs in and out of her Bumbo seat when it's lying on the ground.
The way she'll walk into a room, say "Mama" and then just smile at me and walk out.
The way she makes dimples in her cheeks when she's singing "If You're Happy and You Know It"
The way she smiles at every person we pass.
The way she points at every ant bed and says "Ouch!" then marches on to the next one.
Her infections laugh
Her "dance" moves (stepping from foot to foot and turning in circles and shaking her bottom)
The way she thrusts her arms behind her and pokes out her belly while walking when she's proud of something she's done.
The way she now points to things in books and quizzes us asking, "What's that?"
How "go with the flow" she is!
Her obsession with shoes- she wants them on at all times and she'll often bring me mine and say, "boosh"

Hello Fall!

I just found all my unpublished entries.  How quickly they grow!