Sunday, November 27, 2011

18 Months!

Our sweet, precious angel is now 18 months old and more fun than we ever thought possible! Here's a few things about little Miss Morgan at 18 months.
You are still tiny for your age, weighing in at a whopping 22.5 pounds (25%) and 30 inches (10%). Food is not something you are interested in. In fact, cheese is the only thing you'll eat consistently.

You are extremely smart for your age. Yes, I'm biased as your mother, but others think so too. You mastered almost all of the developmental milestones for 24 months. We still have to work on "treating a doll or stuffed animal as if it's a living thing" and "talking about yourself using 'me' or 'mine.'" Other than that, I think you're good to go.

We've really been working on identifying letters and colors lately. You can identify red, green, blue, and yellow most of the time, but you still have a little trouble, especially if you're distracted. You're doing terrific with your letters and you consistently identify (point to and name) A, E, T, M, G, and O. We've done a little work with shapes, but you really only know diamond and heart, the perfect girl shapes, right?!

You are a girly girl! You love your pearls, will pitch a fit if you don't have a bow in your hair, and you love playing with purses and bracelets. You're just getting into a "dress up" phase and your favorite thing to use for this activity is our shoes, especially daddy's boots. You do not like to be dirty and you'll rub your hands together until you get every speck of grass or dirt off your hands.

You continue to be the easiest child ever! I would say you're about 90% potty trained at home. School hasn't quite jumped on board with taking you very often, but they are not accustomed to having to take 18 month olds to the potty so I can't blame them. I'm just thankful my diaper changing days are down to a minimum. You have gone an entire weekend without messing up a diaper, even at night! We are so proud of you!
Your favorite things right now are anything with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, reading, dancing, playing with your stuffed animals in your tent, and coloring. You also LOVE to be outside sliding or riding in your car. You're so happy-go-lucky and we're so grateful!

You're a wonderful sleeper and will often let us know you're ready for bed by walking into your room and reaching up for your bed. You still get "pass" (pacifier) at bed time, but you throw it into your crib when you wake up in the morning. You have also started sleeping with "Pickey" (Mickey) but I don't think he is a necessity at this point. You do get your pacifier during nap time at home, but you have been paci-free at school for a few months now.
You enjoy school and have made many friends. You come home talking about Riley, Bella, Tip, Kelsey, and "Au-Do" (Austin) most of the time.

You have learned the much-dreaded word "no" recently and that's the only answer you will give to a yes or no question. Another funny thing you do is respond "treeeee" when asked how old you are. I know you feel like you're a three year old, but let's not rush these years away please ma'am.

We have so much fun playing with you every day and we truly can't imagine life being any better! Thank you, sweet girl, for teaching your mommy and daddy what love really is. We love you angel and we're so grateful and blessed to be your parents!