Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day

Last Friday we packed up and headed to the river for the weekend. Steve's family gets together every year for Labor Day. It was at this "get together" last year that we announced to everyone there would be one more person joining us at family functions. This year was so much more fun with little Miss Morgan there. Here are a few pictures from our fun-filled weekend.

First boat ride

The life jacket tasted yummy!

A rare family photo

Such a HAM!

All worn out sleeping under the blanket from Aunt Melissa, Uncle Joe, and Savannah.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

4 Months

Happy 4 month birthday Morgan!

This has been an eventful month for us. We're trying real hard to get used to our routine, but it is still hard some days. These monthly bear pictures are getting harder and harder to take. =-)

You are 24 inches long and you way 13.0 pounds- 50% for both.

You are still waking up once during the night to eat. This is your special time with your daddy. He gets up with you each night so that mommy can rest- so sweet! You usually eat 3.5 ounces every 3 hours. I'm concerned this isn't enough, but the doctor said as long as you're gaining weight it is okay.

You LOVE to "talk", laugh, and look at yourself in the mirror. You have a very high-pitched squeal that you share (along with your smile) with everyone you meet.

Your favorite things this month are bath time, your Bumbo, Miss Katy, and Annabelle. You three have so much fun together each day.

The most impressive thing you did this month was roll over! It was only 5 days after you turned 3 months old that you decided to roll from your back to your tummy- opposite of most babies. I guess you are just going to do your own thing in your own time- a little girl after mommy's heart!

It is so much fun watching you grow and change each day. We cherish each moment we get to spend with you!